Photography courtesy of  Bertolina Fornos .

Photography courtesy of Bertolina Fornos.


Patricia Fornos (1980), born in Mexico City, is a Mexican artist with Spanish roots.  Her work is shown all around the world, although she has been living and working between Spain and Mexico for over five years. The New York Times Style Magazine Spain recently dubbed her pieces “disturbingly exuberant and joyful.”

She began her training at Mexico’s famous Iberoamericana University where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design, specializing in Fine Arts. (Mexico City 1999-2004.)

She took her first formal steps in the art world during her youth in collective exhibitions with other emerging artists of her generation (Mexico City, 2003). For her this was the beginning of an unstoppable avalanche of endless experimentation. 

She completed her studies with Masters of Illustration at several different art schools in Madrid, including ESDIP, ARTENEO, IED (2008-2011.)  

In 2012 she began to explore the expression of life and death through Mexican culture, presenting her work in solo and collective exhibitions in spaces such as the Spanish Embassy (Mexico), the hotel Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques (Madrid) and Les atelier Grimm gallery (Geneva.) Her works include several murals in the Casa de America and the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico (CCEMx), among others. 

Her curious spirit continues to explore new projects and in 2017, after a month spent in the Mayan jungle, she embarked on a new project based on Mayan mythology.  In parallel with this project she continues to express controversial social themes through the use of calaveras in large pieces shown and sold in art spaces around the world.


Artist´s Statement

I paint because I cannot imagine a life without painting. For me, my work is a basic need for expression and a way of understanding people and the universe. 

I always approach my creative process openly. I feel out sensations or themes that catch my attention and I reinterpret them.  Looking back I feel that there is a clear evolution in my work, in terms of the themes and forms of expression, but there is also a common element that defines my pieces, creating a continuous strand of expression. 

The soul is my main point of exploration, it’s essential to me that my work express feeling. 

I’m often drawn to emotions like joy, conflict, vindication, strength, solidarity and tenderness, but always in a human context using irony and contrasts.  My main fascination is perhaps being able to bring ancient myths to the here and now, with an emotive element reinforced by a perspective that flows into a rainbow of color.

The pre-Hispanic representation of death brought into the present with a viewpoint full of life, pieces that deal with themes like the fight against cancer, the kidnapping of women, the murders in Ayotzinapa.  Reinterpreted Mesoamerican gods and Mayan mythology that come from an oral tradition that doesn’t have any pictorial representation. 

I began to teach myself to paint because I felt the need to extract the images I had in my head and depict them. Often the piece takes the lead during the creative process, and a lot of the time the end result varies from the initial idea, but it’s much richer if I listen to the work, it’s as if it has a life of its own. 

In my creative process I generally have an image in my head that arises from my experiences; I like to observe people, their expressions, their daily lives, how they interact or react.

Ancient civilizations are where I find my main references. I enjoy going to museums or ruins and collecting details that catch my eye in a sketchbook. I turn to that sketchbook for reference when I want to capture a piece.

All of this creates a world of images in my head that articulates itself as a feeling that moves me. Finally, my search for references takes me to nature, books, films or the internet.  I select music that most resembles those emotions and I define the color palette. In that moment the music, the colors, the blank canvas and I are ready to set out on the path that will vary according to the work that is guiding me. That harmony and fusion of feelings between the ancient and the modern is my eternal search for expression.

When a piece is completed I hope for a reaction from the viewer, whether they like it or not; the worst thing would be indifference, and the best that they reinterpret it through their own experiences and feelings and make it their own.




  • 2019 Nexos III, V&S Gallery. CDMX, Mexico - Group.

  • 2019 Instagram for creative people, La casa taller. Galicia, Spain - Workshop.

  • 2019 Woman, Cenzontle Gallery. CDMX, Mexico - Group.

  • 2019 Miss Escarlata, Swiss Art Expo. Zurich, Swiss - Group.

  • 2019 Selected artist, MundoArti. Spain - Itinerant exhibitions.

  • 2020 Female geometry, Cloud9sjds. Nicaragua - Mural.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2019 Tribute to Chavela Vargas, Casa América Museum. Madrid, Spain - Group.

  • 2019 Aniversario 2.0, DLonngi Art Gallery. CDMX, Mexico - Group.

  • 2019 A fragment of time, Hotel Isabel. Guadalajara, Mexico - Mural.

  • 2019 La Arteinformada - woman, Ibero-American art fair. Spain - Group.

  • 2018 They are always alive, Culturgal. Pontevedra, Spain - Group.

  • 2018 Mother Jungle, Akumal Arts Festival. Quintana Roo, Mexico - Street art.

  • 2018 La Arteinformada, Ibero-American art fair. Spain - Group.

  • 2018 Social media are for the summer, Casa América Museum. Madrid, Spain - Round table.

  • 2018 Dreaming, FCH HOTEL providencia, Guadalajara, México – Mural.

  • 2018 The Jaguar, Colaboration with Nova Noel, Vigo, Spain - Street art.

  • 2017 Skeletonized soul, Real Maestranza Hotel. Guadalajara, Mexico - Solo.

  • 2017 Gastronomic days of Mexico, Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques Hotel. Madrid, Spain - Group.

  • 2017 Worlds Obscured, Akumal international artist residency. Akumal, Mexico - Group.

  • 2017 Imaginary, FCH HOTEL Expo. Guadalajara, Mexico - Mural.

  • 2017 City chimeras, Aguafuerte Gallery. CDMX, Mexico- Group.

  • 2016 Miss Hummingbird, GET Gallery. Puebla, Mexico - Solo.

  • 2016 Skeletonized, Astoria Gastro Bar. CDMX, Mexico - Solo.

  • 2016 Life and miracles of the Garbancera, CCEMx. CDMX, Mexico - Mural.

  • 2016 Little skull, CCEMx. CDMX, Mexico - Workshop.

  • 2016 Sea, sex and sun, Siroco Launge. Madrid, Spain - Group.

  • 2016 To be or not to be, Les Ateliers Grimm. Geneva, Switzerland- Solo.

  • 2016 Experiment, Cauces Foundation. Madrid, Spain - Workshop.

  • 2015 Mexican life, Nyamuk. Geneva, Switzerland - Solo.

  • 2015 Paint your skull, Silken Puerta América Hotel. Madrid, Spain - Workshop.

  • 2015 Sometimes I am a skull, Hotel Silken Puerta América. Madrid, Spain - Solo.

  • 2015 Skeletonized, A mordisco. Vigo, Spain - Solo.

  • 2015 Miss Hummingbird, Gallery + Diseño. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Solo.

  • 2015 Skeletonized, El Patio de los naranjos. Oviedo, Spain - Solo.

  • 2015 To be or not to be, Siroco Launge. Madrid, Spain - Solo.

  • 2015 Cabaret Chihuahua, Alcalá Theater. Madrid, Spain - Solo.

  • 2015 Tangled in Art and Fashion, Casa América Museum. Madrid, Spain - Mural.

  • 2015 Tangled in Art and Fashion, Casa América Museum. Madrid, Spain - Conference.

  • 2014 Life feels, La Manuela Malasaña. Madrid, Spain - Solo.

  • 2014 Skeletonized, La Paca. Madrid, Spain - Solo.

  • 2014 Tribute to Pascuala Corona, Donceles 66. CDMX, Mexico - Group.

  • 2014 Skeletonized, VMDIECISIETE. Vigo, Spain - Solo.

  • 2014 Speaking gaze, Spain embassy. CDMX, Mexico– Solo.



  • 2016-2017 Workshop of experimental ceramics, Amasarte, Madrid, Spain.

  • 2016-2016 Workshop of experimental ceramics, Coyoacán, Mexico.

  • 2011-2012 Illustration master. ESDIP. Madrid, Spain.

  • 2010-2011 Intensive design master. IED Master. Madrid, Spain.

  • 2008-2009 Illustration master. Arteneo. Madrid, Spain.

  • 2004-2004 Exchange program to fine arts institute. Salamanca University. Salamanca, Spain

  • 1999-2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (BFA/GD). Iberoamerican university UIA. CDMX, México.

  • 2003-2003 Art creative and innovation workshop. Iberoamerican university UIA. CDMX, México.